BALL BETTING does have interesting game variations, one of which we often hear is the handicap. For some bettors, they are familiar with the term handicap but for more details it is also called Voor. Of course, the term voor is much better known to BOLA BETTING players, especially in Indonesia. My article this time will discuss how to play handicaps. You may want to try this type of gambling but you still don’t know how to play. Handicap or voor is the team that scores first to the competing opponent, usually voor is given by the team that is superior in the match. such as for example the match Juventus against Lazio. I will provide the types of handicaps in BETTING BETS:

1.Voor 0

Voor 0 is usually given to both teams who are equally superior or it can also be said that the two teams have equal strength in the match. For example, like Barcelona VS Real Madrid.

2.Voor 0 – (¼)

Usually this voor is given to a team that has an uniqueness that is not too different. For example, Atletico Madrid VS Levante with Atletico giving voor ¼ to levante because Atletico are the more favored. By knowing this you can conclude that you will win in full if the match is won by the Atletico team if you bet on Atletico, whereas if the results are even, the two teams lose.

3.Voor 0.5 (½)

This voor is given to a team that has quite a different advantage. For example, in the Arsenal match against Aston Villa, Arsenal gave ½ voor for Aston Villa. If Liverpool win the match and you choose Liverpool then you are declared a full win. However, you will lose the bet if the match results in a draw or Arsenal lose.

4.Voor ¾

For Voor ¾ is given to a team that has a much different advantage. For example Chelsea VS Newcastle where Chelsea gave voor ¾ to Newcastle. If you bet on Chelsea then to win full Chelsea must win by more than 1 goal. But if you choose Chelsea and lose then you are declared completely defeated.


Those are the types of voor that are available in the BETTING handicap game. Hopefully my discussion can add to your insight into the handicap gambling market. Thank you for your attention and free time.