Terms You Must Know Before Playing Online Soccer Gambling

This online soccer gambling game is the most legendary game since time immemorial. This game, which is favored by every group, starts from the young (young) to the adults (old). It is undeniable that this game of football is very global from the past until now.

With so many football lovers in this country wanting to play online soccer gambling as a place to bet and increase their income. Therefore, the existence of this online soccer gambling game in Indonesia provides an opportunity for football game enthusiasts to be able to place a number of bets on their favorite team.

But as we know for soccer gambling, it has a lot of terms in it, of course those of you who have often made soccer gambling bets will already know about the terms used in soccer gambling because to be able to play soccer gambling each player is required to know the terms that is in online soccer gambling so that you can play bets correctly.

Terms That Exist In Online Football Gambling

To be able to play online soccer gambling easily and precisely, you should understand some of the terms below to make it easier for all of you when you want to place a number of bets. The following terms exist and are used in online soccer gambling games.

  • HDP stands for Handicap in the soccer betting market which is divided into 2 first half and second half
  • FT Full Time 2x45min match
  • HT Half Time 1x45min half match
  • OU Over Under scores or less than the total score that is used as the soccer betting market
  • HH Home Home hosts win in first and second half scores
  • HA Home Away wins in first round and loses in second round
  • HD Home Draw hosts win in first half and have a draw in second half
  • DH Draw Home first half score with a draw and second half score won by the visitors
  • DD Draw Draw the score draws until the match is over
  • AH Away Home team win in first half and end with home team win in second half
  • AD Away Home winners in the first half and ends with a draw in the second half
  • AA Away Away team wins first and second half scores

Those are the terms that exist in the world of online soccer gambling, knowing the terms above will make it easier for all of you to be able to play online soccer gambling. May be useful.