The Most Popular Online Football Gambling Market

Now betting on soccer using an internet connection such as computers, gadgets or smartphones is a type of bet that is very popular. Because of the various conveniences offered through the online soccer gambling betting game itself. Various elements of society are currently listed as users of this type of bet.

Apart from being a hobby dealer in betting, online soccer gambling can also be used as an additional side instantly. Compared with offline soccer betting bets, more games or types of bets available on online soccer gambling are free to choose according to the wishes of the player.

The Most Popular Online Football Gambling Market

Among the many types of bets available, there are several types of soccer gambling taurhan that are players’ favorite in online soccer betting. What are the types of bets, here are the details:


Handicap is the main market in online and offline soccer betting. The difference is that the offline handicap market is known as voor / poor. Handicap means profit or imbalance. In a broader sense a handicap is an advantage that one party gets. In reading online handicaps for beginner players in online soccer gambling, of course, they are still confused. The admin will help by explaining a little about the existing handicap market examples:

  • Handidcap 0 = 0 or without poor
  • Handicap 0 – 0.50 = 1/4
  • Handicap 0.50 = 1/2
  • Handicap 0.50 – 1 = 3/4
  • Handicap 1 = 1
  • Handicap 1 – 1.50 = 1 1/4 etc.

Over Under

Under is one of the main markets on online soccer gambling sites. Over means up and over means bottom. In a broad sense, over under is a type of bet where you must choose the total number of goals of the two competing teams, whether it is above or below. How to read the over under bet is as follows:

Market 2 = two, if both teams have the final score with total goals of 2 it will be considered a draw. If it ends with a total goal of 1 then the under bet will win & the over bet will lose. It’s different if both teams have a total of 3 goals, the over bet wins and the under bet loses.

1 x 2

This type of online soccer betting betting market is the simplest and easiest to use. 1 has aritan home / host, x means draw & 2 means away / away team. In this type of market you have to guess whether the result of the match will win the host, draw or the away team will win.